Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Repairing IP2770 Printer all paper loaded

Just now, my user have coming with a canon printer IP1880 that error. Error indication of this printer is loading all paper when printing. If there are 2 papers and printing process begin so all papers will loaded by printer. Before my user take his printer to my workshop he still using this printer, but always put a paper on the printer.
I have repaired this printer and success. If you find the same problem follow the steps below :
1. Open the upper case
2. Look for a rubber well upper of paper place, this well serves to draw in the paper.
3. This rubber well have a claps, and this claps have broken, so you should replace with other normal rubber well. Disassemble the printer to lift up this rubber well.

If you don't want to replace this rubber well, you can replace a claps with a bolt, this is alternative economical solver. Also, i have done this alternative solver to repair this problem.  

Write on comment area if steps above not clear. The next post is How to install Windows 7, step by step