Saturday, October 13, 2012

How to Install Windows 7

To install Windows 7 on your computer or laptop please follow the steps below. Before starting this job your must preparing Windows 7 master CD that you have buy, if you want to install on laptop use battery charger to ensure that no interrupt on electrical resource. If your want to install on netbook, you can use portable dvd room or bootable flashdisk.
Starting installing Windows 7 :
1. Turn on your computer, and get in to BIOS set up panel. Press delete button or other button according your computer type ( F2, F10 etc. )
2. On BIOS set up panel, indicated by blue screen with white writing, look for boot priority and you should set dvd room to first priority followed by hdd, this means that computer should booting using Windows 7 master driver on dvd room not get in to system have installed on hdd ( hard disk ).
And than save, press F10 or other button according computer bios type to save bios parameter.
3. Now, computer will restart and booting using your bios parameter. You must take notice all instruction appear in every steps of this installation Windows 7.

Read the instruction there and just follow. After Windows 7 installation finished you should install device driver that not install by Windows 7 instantly. To check what device that not installed yet, please look on Device Manager.
To be continue...

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good information about windows installing. first read this after this u can easily install windows 7 in your PC.

Awesome and really helpful information has been posted in this blog that how to install windows 7? I never installed it in my laptop and using window xp. I'll try it in my laptop. Thanks

Can you put out a windows 8 guide? I'm sure a lot of people are looking for it.

great idea, i will try later, thanks

Cool! Updating the OS system for computers installed with Windows can't get any easier with these helpful steps. However, it’s still best to use genuine software to enjoy hassle-free computer usage. ;)