Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Mobile Phone Wonderful Evolution

If you were to go back in time twenty or thirty years, life would look a lot different. You'd wonder what to do with all your extra time. There would be much less TV shows to choose from, no Internet, and if you wanted to call your friends, you'd have to go inside your house and use a land line. Not only that, but most people didn't have answering machines, so if your friends called when you were gone, you wouldn't know. To make matters even more complicated, if you wanted to plan something, you'd have to do it all from home. You'd have to call all your friends, one by one, and check and see what they were doing. If you were old enough, you could maybe drive around from house to house and see who was available. You'd likely spend half your time just rounding everybody up. The first thing that changed all this was the car phone. That's what they were called back in the day. Only rich people, or high powered sales people had them. Or maybe Maxwell Smart, but he had one in his shoe. Most people looked at them with disdain, as if rich people were using them only to show off how rich they were. But then like any other electronic invention, they started getting cheaper and cheaper. And that meant that most people could buy them. And they realized that these things were actually pretty useful. You could call your friends on the road. If you were in any kind of business, it was really easy to keep in touch with clients. Then something amazing happened. They invented texting. You could send quick texts to your friends without having to call them. That meant if you were heading over to Bob's house, you could text three or four friends. If they were busy, they could simply check the messages when they had a chance. Then everybody would show up at Bob's house, and everybody would have a good time. When things really took off was when the power of the Internet was married with the convenience of the cell phone. Now people could look up all kinds of information right from their phones. Movie times, traffic information, the price of tea in China (you never know). This made conversations much more lively and interesting. Pretty soon nobody would be caught dead without their cell phone. Now, the line between personal communication and Internet technology is blurring even more. Entire systems are being designed that will provide savvy consumers with a seamless integration of information and communication at their fingertips, wherever they go. It truly is a remarkable time to be alive.

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