Monday, March 24, 2014

Canon MP287 Error P07 How to Fix

Base of our experience about how to fix error P07 of the printer Canon MP287, the following is steps to fix this error.

reset error P07 MP287
Turn ON the printer to the save mode. Before reset the printer please to turn ON the printer but into the save mode, follow the following steps.
1. Turn off the printer
2. After the printer OFF, press and hold the STOP button
3. Press and hold the Power button
4. Release the STOP button ( Don't release the Power button )
5. Press the STOP button 7 times
6. Release the Power button
7. The display will show black
After you follow all instructions above let's begin to reset this printer, follow the following steps to fix this P07 error warning of the MP287.
1. Download resetter software. You should have Service Tool V3400 resetter software, you can download here for free.
2. Open the file you have downloaded, Service Tool V3400.
Canon MP287 Error P07 How to Fix
3. As the image above, these is the screen of the Service Tool V3400, Place a paper on the printer tray, and Click Set button of Clear Ink Counter, the printer will printing a page.
4. Click Set button of Ink Absorber Counter, the printer will blinking a time.
5. Click EEPROM button so the printer will printing again a page
6. Finished, Turn off the printer and turn ON again, the printer will work well.
I hope this steps clear, and you will fix error P07 of Canon MP287 printer

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Request, please don't copy past. I think you didn't check those point.

Request, please don't copy past. I think you didn't check those point.

i am technician, i share my real experience with my own way, and this is my own article shared at a lot of blog.

Hi Mr. Aristiya,once i click the set button on the Clear Ink Counter and Ink Absorber counter it shows Error code 006, can u please help me to fix it? thanks

hi i do this trick but my printer not being reset please help me

if cannot reset and cannot get into the save mode this mean that the mainboard have broken and need to replace

Hai Jepri Rido Aristiya...kenapa ya bila sudah smpai 6x klik alarm orange yang muncul

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promise of 60 seconds waiting is FAKE Shame! its money extortion scheme.