Thursday, March 15, 2012

Re-install Windows XP 15 maret 2012.

This is step by step to re-install Windows XP OS in your computer.

1. Turn ON the computer

2. So the computer ON, indicated by something appear in the monitor, press delete button or F2 or F10 or follow the instruction about how to get in Bios. This step is to get in to the Bios View. Indicate for Bios View is the blue screen with white text.

3. Look for Boot setting, In Boot priority you must choose CD / DVD room in first followed by hard disk

4. Save your sett with press F10 and press enter or Y button or follow the instruction to save Bios sett, and then the computer will restart.

Bios screen

5. The next step wait until appear the text 'press any key to boot with cdroom', so press any key in keyboard button until appear blue screen, indicate the boot via cdroom success

6. During the installation progress wait until the progress stop. Here you can see the text about how to continue the installation, so you can follow the instruction there.

7. The next step is after all partition of hard disk appear. If your hard disk is new, no content, you must sett the partition of Hradisk. For example you use Hardisk 80GB so you should devide it, maybe 40gb for system ( drive C ) and 40gb for save all data ( drive D ). But if you re-install system in Hard disk with existing contents you just format the drive C ( content of previous system (OS). to format this drive press D button, and then enter, and press L button, so the drive will empty. And then create new drive with press C button and enter ( size of this drive is similar with previous partition ). And to begin the installation in the drive C you can press enter.

7. When appear option screen, choose the top option, this is fast method of formating drive. Press enter button and the formatting driver will begin followed by installing OS.

8. The next step, you can follow the instruction there, this is simple and easy.

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