Friday, March 16, 2012

Laptop keyboard button lodged

Keyboard problem is one of problems common in Laptop. Here I will share about solving the laptop keyboard button lodged. This problem indicated by sound that appear at boot time, tit tit tit tit, and sometimes the laptop not boot until we press one of any button. There are several ways to solved this problem, in previous post I have posted one of how to solving this problem, you can check here. But if the the problem no solved with previous post please do following steps.

  1. Turn off the laptop
  2. Release the keyboard from Laptop
  3. Release the keyboard connector
  4. Turn ON the laptop until Windows screen
  5. Try to write some word in office word or Notepad, If you find the button of keyboard lodged ( in our experience the button lodged is ‘delete’ button ), continue to next steps
  6. Look for Interface Keyboard controller IC, for Forsa is KB3926QF,
  7. Provide local heating use heater Blower right on it’s legs
  8. Try to turn ON the laptop
  9. I have done this steps and success
  10. If you fail, replace the keyboard control IC.