Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ensure the computer have fine

To ensure the computer in normally condition and have fine you must check some variable. Do some following steps :
1. The computer must working normally
2. Check cpu and system temperature via bios or some else software temperature check. If you will check the temperature via bios, you must press continuously ( klik klik klik ... ) 'delete', 'F2', 'F1' or 'F10 ( according motherboard brands ) just when computer turn ON until you can see bios screen. And you can find Hardware and choose 'hardware monitor' or 'healthy' or similar option and ensure that cpu temperature about 35 - 45 and not more than 50 ( celsius degrees ) .
3. Not noise from komputer
4. The computer can be turned off normally
5. No attention massage in beginning screen and when computer shut down