Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Axioo Neon Keyboard problem

To day..
I have finished repaired the Axioo Neon Laptop keyboard. I think, axioo laptop kayboard often often problematic because cooling system of this laptop poorly. So the heat also causes the laptop keyboard ( because no safety device between laptop keyboard and processor room/mainboard ).
Our experience to day is repairing the axioo laptop keyboard that
error with some button. Some button that not working are '2', '4', '6', '8', 'w', 'r', 'space', left Ctrl, Left Alt and some other button not working.
To solve this error i release the laptop keyboard and clean the keyboard socket that connecting between keyboard and motherboard. End of flexible cable of keyboard is the carbon line that inside to the small socket. I see the end of flexible cable clamp by socket is broke ( there are the small dot in every line ). So i cut slightly of the end of flexible cable with the scissors. I plug again the keyboard and i try turn on the laptop.
The result is : Success!! all keyboard button working normally