Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Emachines D720 Laptop LCD working after heat

Repair experience:
If you find the damage of eMachines D720 laptop with the damage detail : LCD will light up after warm laptop , but the system conditions is normal, So do the following steps :

A. Check the voltage at input socket of the inverter of LCD lights one by one. At the inverter input there are four voltage lines : Power (+), Power (-) or ground, signal trigger and control signals. The inverter is located at the bottom of the LCD. To check the voltage to the inverter, you must first open the LCD frame.

Ideal conditions:

a. Power (+) : ± 15V

b. Power trigger signal voltage : ± 3 V

c. Power issued a control signal voltage: ± 1 V

2. If the voltage at the Power (+) is not normal, so

a. Check the cable end of this socket to the motherboard. And check the voltage, if the voltage is normal, then the conclusion is the cable broken, replace it with good cable. If the voltage on the motherboard does not normal checking out as well.

b. Check Fuse and deoda that exist in this pathway (the motherboard), do it carefully. If something is broken with a good dressing. Deoda replacement fuse and can be taken of the components on the motherboard CPU (though free), a measure of precision is not a problem.
If you do not find a component that is not normal, then you need a replacement source voltage, which can be taken from the main power. The trick is: When the laptop ON locate specific points on the motherboard that the possibility of removing the voltage ± 15V (do it carefully). If it is found, a small jumper cable to the input voltage inverter which had been lost. Penjumperan to do when Laptop Dead. Then do the testing. If successful, then do the running test. At the time the laptop ON, look closely at all areas of the Laptop to anticipate if something goes wrong decision because the voltage was. If there are no strange symptoms then the work has been completed.

3. If the trigger signal and control voltage is lost as well, then do pengechekan like langlah 2. And jumpers as well as doing step 2 above. Big difference is in the desired voltage.

I wrote this step based on experience, so maybe less detail, if your friends have any experience please share more detail here.

Good luck..