Sunday, May 29, 2011

Computer stop on Welcome Screen (Windows XP)

If your computer stop suddenly at welcome (usually on Windows XP), and can’t enter into windows display or you can enter to Windows but without menu, and you can’t do anything.
So based on my experience, you can perform the following steps.

Previously you should to have Hieren CD's or similar software, if you have not this CD check this link.

Then do the “regenerator hard disk”.
This detail of Step :

1. Enter bios (by pressing continuously delete shortly after the computer power button pressed on)
2. Find Boot priority setting and in the first select CD / DVD
3. Insert the CD Hieren's
4. Restart computer after saving Bios
5. And Select boot from CD when there is an option and press enter Boot
6. After inside the hieren’s view, choose ‘hard disk tool’ and press anter
7. And select the hard disk Regenerator
8. Wait until hard disk detected
9. Press enter and follow the instruction on the screen to start regenerator hard disk
10. Wait until completed, the software will detect the bad sectors of hard disk and do a repair, this action takes a fair amount of time, depending on the capacity of your hard disk
11. After the process is complete, restart the computer and remove the CD and try to turn on yor computer and I hope you will success.

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patut do coba, lap top q kbetulan mengalami masalah ini

klu os 7 kx gx bisa z?

kalo g bisa berarti ada komponen system yang hilang/corrupt

search with 'google' to find 'hieren's software