Sunday, August 16, 2015

Laptop Not Charging, Battery Issue

One of the laptop not charging cause by the broken battery, include HP laptop that we will discuss here. HP 4430S series laptop that is not charging.
As we know that the charging process of this laptop indicated by the charging indicator lamp ( near of the charger port of the laptop ). When the battery not 100% the indicator will lit orange and change to white when the battery full.

Laptop Not Charging, Battery Issue
If you find the following condition of your HP laptop ( 4430S series or other similar series ) :
1. The charging indicator lit for just one second when the charger plugged and off after this.
2. Laptop won't turn ON without the charger
3. Laptop working normal with the charger but dead directly when the charger unplugged
4. During the laptop working, the battery status will show " ... Not charging " and still 0 %
So, this mean that the battery have broken and you should replace this so that the laptop working well. You should know that without battery the laptop still working but the temperature of the laptop will increase faster.
The following video will show you step by step the problems that is we have discussed above

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