Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Fix a Laptop Not Charging

Laptop not charging caused by many things including the broken charger unit or the problem of the component at the laptop motherboard, lets discuss about this.
1. Laptop not charging because the power source cannot get into the motherboard. For this problem, we can analyze it using a multitester. Open the laptop casing and take out the motherboard of the laptop, and then look at the charger port at the motherboard.

Fix a Laptop Not Charging
Plug in the charger unit and check the voltage at the + pin and - pin, as the image above. For any type of the laptop of course will different but is same really. If at this zone the voltage not appear this mean that the charger port have broken or the + lane has short circuit to the - lane ( ground ). How to ensure this? Separate the lane of these port with the other lane.
Look at the image above ( BenQ laptop motherboard ), release the PL9 and PL6 and then check the voltage at the charger port, if still nothing this mean that the charger port has broken. Note that you should sure that the charger working well.
But if at the place above the voltage appear, the problem will very complex. Maybe the laptop not charging caused by the broken IC charger or the main mosfet, and we should have enough electronics basic knowledge to find the problem source.

2. Laptop not charging caused by the broken Capacitor. This happen indicated by the lost voltage of the charger unit when plug into the laptop.
3. Or laptop not charging caused by some trouble of the chipset that working as controller of the charger chips of the motherboard
Some problems we cannot discuss here because very complex, but next time i want to share base of my experience about fix a laptop not charging.

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