Thursday, October 4, 2012

Epson T20 Blinking Green

Repairing Epson T20 printer blinking green lamp. This error means that cartridge head not working normally or not detected.
To release this error i have tried some steps and success. Follow the following steps :

1. Turn off printer
2. Unplug electric power source cable
3. Open upper case of epson T20 printer
4. Disassemble home cartridge. Do this step to take out cartridge head ( buttom of cartridge tube )
5. Take out cartridge head carefully
6. Look up the cable plug in head cartridge, clean from ink. To do this step you can using water. Take out cartridge head and dip into water until clear.
7. Re-Assamble all component and try to turn ON T20 printer.

Visit the post about disassamble head cartridge T20 printer to learn more.

If the steps above not working, do the following steps :
1. Open upper case of T20 printer and take out printer board ( mainboard )
2. Look for component with symbol " F ", chek one by one. This component is Fuse.
3. If you found the Fuse that have broken, replace with other normal fuse
4. Re-assemble mainboard and try to turn ON the printer.

I have tried all Steps above and success, i hope you to.
If your printer still error please write on comment area, thank you for your visit.
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