Sunday, May 6, 2012

User-Friendly Video Surveillance Software

Xeoma Video Surveillance Software provides a complete video surveillance solution with support for a wide range of web cameras and IP cameras. The software is extremely effective thanks to its particularly user-friendly and intuitive interface. This very much sets it apart from much of the competition in which many video surveillance programs are complicated to use and configure and even more complicated to deploy. Xeoma is available for Windows, Linux and Macintosh systems. It provides you with all of the features you need to create a professional-grade video surveillance system whether in the workplace or at home. With Xeoma, configuring your surveillance software is both an enjoyable and user-friendly process in which setting up the modules is rather like working with a construction set designed for children. This is because it provides a particularly intuitive and easy-to-understand image-based editor. Xeoma also allows you to connect multiple computers with the software installed and view feeds on the server computer. You can view dynamically updated screenshots and live video via any Internet browser and publish live feeds at your blog or site. Now you are able to keep tabs on your children's activity on computer or laptop over the Internet. Xeoma Video Surveillance Software supports virtually any digital video camera, so compatibility issues are not at all likely to arise. Types of devices supported include USB cameras, integrated web cameras, wireless network cameras and IP cameras of dozens of different brands. It is highly unlikely that your device won't be compatible with this extremely versatile video surveillance software.
This video surveillance software provides many useful extra features that help to make it one of the most effective forms of surveillance available. It includes an enhanced motion detector with pre-record feature which ensures that the appearance of any uninvited guest in your home or office will automatically be registered and recorded in the system. There is also a daytime detector which can keep the camera on only during daytime hours, switching off during the night, if required. Cyclic archive automatically deletes outdated recordings as required in order to free up space on the hard disk. There is a media player included which allows you to easily look back over past records, adjusting playback speed and pausing the video recordings when needed. You can even adjust the direction of playback. You can monitor your home or office using this video surveillance software regardless of where you are located in the world. This is thanks to the remote access feature which lets you control the software from absolutely anywhere on the planet so long as you have Internet access. With the remote access feature, you can view past video recordings, configure settings and connect or disconnect cameras as required. Basically, you can enjoy complete control of your video surveillance system, even remotely. With Xeoma's repeater feature you can access your system even if your computer is not accessible from Internet (inside firewall or while using mobile network with no real IP-address). Xeoma can automatically notify you about detected events using a variety of different methods. It can play a predefined alarm sound on the server, send an email to your address including attached video and images, launch a predefined application or just save the video to file in a specific folder. There are three versions of Xeoma Video Surveillance Software available including the free version, trial version and commercial (complete) version. 
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