Sunday, May 6, 2012

Prevent Data Recovery After PC Disposal

You might ask me: Why would I need software, to delete the hard drive even after PC formatting and Recycle Bin emptying for a simple PC disposal? And then you would try to reason with me by saying: It does not cost me anything, it is safe and it is simple, why would I want to waste my money in something I can do it alone? The answer is very simple, because just by doing that; I could recover everything you have entered in your computer! Knowing how to handle confidential data and personal information such as bank account number, financial data, bank card number and private information is an essential precaution you have to take, in order to protect your privacy against information leakage or theft. Many people believe that just by formatting their PC hard drive will remove all of their input information. 
The truth is that, the deleted file on your screen does not get completely erased on the hard drive. File traces are digitally left behind on the OS, making the thief's job less than simple, to recover your confidential data that was supposedly deleted. Of course it is simple and does not cost anything, but really, are you going to take that chance? Think again for a few seconds, and you will know, because I know! You need to have the hard drive deletion software. What I would recommend you, PC user, is to try out the SECUDRIVE Sanitizer Free for free! They just launched the SECUDRIVE Sanitizer Free for you to experience a safe home PC disposal, without any of your confidential data getting leaked. SUCUDRIVE Sanitizer Free uses the Constant Number deletion mechanism, in which the entire sector is overwritten once by a predetermined constant value. What does that mean? It simply means that your recycle bin or your confidential data will get totally wiped out using the algorithm to overwrite the data that were input into your PC hard drive. This deletion mechanism makes all of the traces left behind by a file unrecoverable and completely deletes the digitally stored data in the hard drive, thus, preventing data loss and confidential information recovery after PC disposal. And there is one more feature that SECUDRIVE Sanitizer Free presents to the user, the capability of the software to detect bad sectors and efficiently delete the hard drive until completion. SECUDRIVE Sanitizer Free adopted the automatic deletion mechanism to completely delete all of the data and file traces, giving the user a safe hard drive disposal at home. Compared to other hard drive deletion software, that requires you to make a decision every time a bad sector is found or make you wait for hours just to get you disappointed with an error message in the end, SECUDRIVE Sanitizer Free makes the deletion process until completion! When a bad sector is detected in the hard drive by this software, SECUDRIVE Sanitizer Free automatically skips the sector until the total deletion of the hard drive is complete. This efficient deletion software obviously, leaves no traces of previous files or input data whatsoever. And that, dear PC user, is how you delete the hard drive completely. Giving you the full confidence that your personal information will be kept and that other confidential data will be kept private after disposing your old PC. So that is my main concern for you, PC user, that you would remember to delete the hard drive with the appropriate deletion software. And stop using simple deletion tactics to later undergo the experience of having confidential or financial information theft. SECUDRIVE Sanitizer Free is the software for you, PC user, to have full privacy after disposing of your PC. This software, SECUDRIVE Sanitizer Free, was given as a small door for the user who wishes to stop worrying about confidential data loss or financial information theft after PC disposing. 
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