Friday, May 18, 2012

Netbios Shares Scanner Software

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Find Out if Your Computer Has Open Netbios Shares with Netbios Shares Scanner.
Netbios Shares Scanner is a small, portable solution for addressing security vulnerabilities in your desktop or notebook's connection to the network. It will perform a thorough scan to determine whether or not your computer has open Netbios shares. This will allow you to address certain security vulnerabilities before they become a real problem. In today's ever-changing business IT world, security threats are always a growing concern and using the right tools to ensure that your company's IT resources are kept as secure as possible is absolutely essential. SecPoint provides an extensive variety of small and user-friendly tools which will help you to address every area of your company's IT security and deal with problems before they get out of control. 
The Netbios Shares Scanner is an easy solution to use and it gets the job done with utmost efficiency. Netbios Shares Scanner runs on a wide variety of operating systems for maximum versatility - Windows XP and later, Mac OS X and Linux. 64-bit systems are supported as well. This solution is not only useful in commercial scenarios - it is also great for scanning a home network and helping to keep it secure. For example, you could use it to scan for open Netbios shares in your home network where you regularly share files between the connected computers. You will be able to use the Netbios Shares Scanner to find out if your network has any Netbios shares which are open to the World Wide Web, potentially allowing access from any hacker out there. The tool will let you scan a single computer or the entire network for open shares. Both local IP and public IP addresses may be scanned. Netbios Shares Scanner is constantly improving and new versions of the application are frequently released to address new security threats and other issues. The latest edition includes many minor improvements as well as more user-friendly examples of supported commands, an improved documentation and a new training video. The program is completely command-line based, keeping it both simple and less demanding on system resources. The program works quickly and efficiently and, while a command line-based interface might be a little daunting to some at first, it is actually extremely quick and easy to get the hang of it. As soon as you start the program, you will be presented with a list of commands complete with examples and switches. The software is available from . The program is available completely for free. At this site, you can also find out more about other available IT security products from SecPoint. The homepage for Netbios Share Scanner provides a brief overview of the program as well as a list of changes and improvements with each version released. There is also a training video of the software in action. If you want to ensure that your home or business network is as secure as possible regarding Netbios shares, then this program takes care of the job without making any unnecessary extra complications in the process. 
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