Saturday, April 7, 2012

Setting small office computer network

To connect between computer in small office or your home you must setting IP for every computer. And if the computer connect to internet you must setting IP too.
To setting IP for every computer do following steps. For, example the computer are 5 unit and use Windows XP.
Before setting all computer unit you must know how to setting IP in the computer. Open control panel, Choose Network Connections, clicks Local Area Connection twice, Scroll down and clicks Internet Protocol twice and you can see here Internet Protocol properties layer where you can sett IP for the computer.
Let's begin.
Note : Computer 5 units, Internet IP default :
1. Sett IP for computer 1 with with following steps :

  • Open Internet Protocol properties, Check Use the following IP address. IP address : ; Subnet mask : ; Default gateway : ( according IP from internet provider ). Preferred DNS server : ; Alternate DNS server :

2. Sett IP for computer 2 with , Fill IP address : , and fill other option a like computer 1

3. Sett IP for computer 3 with , computer 4 with and so on

And now all computer unit will connect to internet.