Saturday, April 7, 2012

How to repair broken computer Mouse

Don't rush to throw away your broken mouse, just do simple repair and your mouse normal again. Several damage that often occurs in computer mouse :
1. Red Led not light and cursor can't moved, open the mouse casing and replace the red Led. You can buy this led just about $0.1
2. Left click not function, open the mouse casing and replace left click switch with right click switch. Because the right click rarely used.
3. Cursor movement unstable, open the mouse casing and clean all electronics device with the brush carefully.

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How do you fix a laptops touchpad, mine is really jumpy. I'll move my finger upward and the mouse jumps all over the place, I'm forced to use and external mouse which is a pain since it's a laptop.

hi chase, check the driver of touchpad, if you sure that the driver of touchpad installed correctly and touchpad still not normal, so you must open upper cashing of laptop and clean it's socket

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