Friday, March 23, 2012

Resetter Printer T13 Epson

To reset T13 epson printer do the following steps. Download resetter software for first with this link

1. Turn ON T13 printer, the printer that need to reset is blinking and not responding.
2. Open AdjProg.exe. this file in resetter folder of T13 resetter that have downloaded
3. Left click accept button
4. Click Select and choose Epson Stylus T13 in Model Option
5. Choose ESP in Destination option
6. And Choose USB in Port option
7. Left click OK
8. Left click Particular adjustment
9. Look for Waste ink Pad Counter and click it and OK
10. Select Main pad counter and left click initialization
11. And then follow the instruction there, this is easy.
12 Click finish and turn OFF the printer
13 Turn ON the printer and the printer will working normally

Click the link below to download T13 resetter
T13 resetter

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