Friday, March 30, 2012

How to save laptop battery

Many people was confusion, how to save the laptop battery to remain durable. Some of them choose to use the laptop without battery! with the consideration that this will keep the battery will not be damaged because not in use. Some of other people still use the battery but they are very carefully with unplug charger when the battery full, and they will plug the charger just when the battery under 5%.
But, some other do not care about this, they use their laptop with the charger always plug along laptop in use.
You know all condition above have disadvantages.
1. Using laptop without battery, this condition not good for the laptop temperature. The effect is increase processor temperature because the voltage received by processor is less smooth. The battery can clean ripple of voltage and this is can help the voltage received by processor smoother. So don't do this if you loving the processor of your laptop
2. Using laptop with charger all the time, after about 1 or 2 years you will see the battery of your laptop have damaged, and can't save voltage, and you must to buy the new battery, hmm.. i sure that you don't want this. This condition can occur because the voltage/electric current received by battery to high and cause the battery have saturated. So don't do this
3. Using laptop carefully, unplug the charger when battery full and plug again after the battery under 5%. This is good idea, the battery will work normally and will last.

This is option, you can choose according you want.