Sunday, March 4, 2012

Reset BIOS PC Motherboard

To reset bios of PC motherboard, maybe when you want to log in BIOS and there are the password that you don't know. You just release cmos battery, wait about 2 minutes and plug again. Now, Bios will reset to default setting and the password will gone.This important, at least after the BIOS has been reset you must re-sett the date, time and boot priority. If you want to re-install OS you can sett boot priority with cdroom or usb cdroom as first.
This instruction can be used for some Laptop/Notebook. But if you want to release the cmos battery you must be careful because the laptop case should open for some laptop.

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Interesting and beautiful blog lovely presentation thanks for sharing your views..

Thank you, I've been locked out of my BIOS for quite some time, this just reset everything. I'm back in

You're a lifesaver!!!

hi chase, thank you...
i hope you can solve your problem