Monday, March 5, 2012

Forsa SW7 Laptop can't turn on

To day, i have repaired a laptop. This is Forsa SW7 Laptop with dualcore processor. The trouble is can't turn ON, when power button pressed the power led will blink 1 time and off after that. I try to unplug battery and just use the charger, laptop can't ON. And also, i have try to use battery only, but this laptop still can't turn ON.
And then i do this steps :
1. Unplug the battery
2. Release all case, begin with keyboard first
3. Clean all laptop interior with the brush
4. Unplug CMOS battery, i plug again this battery after about 15 minutes
5. I try again, and success

So the conclusion is this laptop having condensation because not used for about 1 weekly. I found some power electronic component crusty caused by over high humidity.
This is advice for you that want to not use your laptop for more than 1 week, you should unplug the battery.
I hope this experience will be help you