Monday, March 12, 2012

HP D530 CMD VGA driver windows 7

HP Compaq D530 CMD free driver Windows 7 can be downloaded with the link here.
Just now, i am confusion because i want to install HP D530 PC with Windows 7 professional 32bit. I look for driver in but driver there are is just for Windows XP and older OS. I initially sure that the driver for HP D530 PC will detected by Windows 7 instantly, indicated by not warning in device manager after i installed Windows 7 in this PC. But i began to suspect when I try to install game, almost all game can't be installed, just 1 success but can't working normally.
The specific VGA of D530 CMD is Intel 865G
And then i found article about this problem here , There are explained that the vga driver for Windows 7 can installed by update this driver manually using Driver for Windows XP professional. And i try it, and yess, the driver working normally. You can download the driver with this link :
Link download.

And to update driver manually you must get in to Device Manager.
Right click Computer from Start menu, and choose Manage, and Left click Device Manager. Look for Display adapter and double clicks. And then right click expansion file and left click update software and choose the driver you have downloaded ( after extracted ), next and finish and restart your PC.
Your VGA should working normally