Saturday, May 31, 2014

How To Clear Cmos or Reset BIOS

One of the great action to fix the laptop that cannot turn ON suddenly is clearing Cmos battery, the purpose of this action is reset BIOS.

Clear Cmoc battery
How to clear cmos or reset BIOS of the laptop, follow the following instructions.
1. Open the bottom case of the laptop
bottom case of the laptop
2. Looking for the cmos batter. The shape as shown above, or a like the image above. If you cannot find, open all the laptop case and find it.
3. Remove the cmos battery and leave the laptop for about 5 - 10 minutes.
4. After that, the BIOS have been reset automatically.
Several type of the laptop Cmos battery connected using the connector that we can plug and unplug easily, but several other type of the laptop the cmos battery connected to the motherboard using the solder ( as shown above ) and to remove this we should use the solder.
If your laptop cannot turn ON, and you sure that your laptop activity is in normal condition and position, and you sure that your laptop work well before and cannot turn ON suddenly, by reset the BIOS will make your laptop work again as before.

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