Tuesday, December 25, 2012

How to use Laptop Touchpad

How to using the Touch Pad. Let's discuss about how to use laptop touchpad, i know this is easy, but some people not know yet hot to do this, or some people have knew but just for move and simple click only
By sliding your finger on the touch pad , you can move the pointer on the computer screen.
With the pointer on your desired item or object, press the left button zone or the right button zone to execute various commands or display menus

Zone Description
1 : Active zone Slide your finger on this zone to move the pointer.
2 : Vertical scroll zone Slide your finger vertically on this zone to scroll up and down
3 :Left button zone Press anywhere on this zone to left-click.
4 : Right button zone Press anywhere on this zone to right-click.

Point, Slide your finger on the active zone to place the pointer on an item or object.
Click, Press the left button zone once.
Double-click, Press the left button zone twice in a row.
Right-click, Press the right button zone once. With many applications, this action displays a context-sensitive shortcut menu (if any).
Drag, Slide your finger on the active zone while pressing the left button zone.
Scroll vertically, Slide two fingers vertically on the active zone or slide a finger on the vertical scroll zone (the scroll function is available only with applications that support a touch pad scroll feature).
Scroll horizontally, Slide two fingers horizontally on the active zone (the scroll function is available only with applications that support a touch pad scroll feature).
Flick, Slide three fingers linearly in quick motion on the active zone. On web browsers or image viewer software, you can flick left to move backward and flick right to move forward.

You can disable/enable the touch pad by pressing the Fn+F1 keys or other keys according your laptop type, look for touchpad icon on keyboard to determine it. 
Be sure to connect a mouse before disabling the touch pad. If you disable the touch pad before connecting a mouse, you will be able to use only the keyboard for pointer operations.

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