Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Printer Cartridge Problem Solution

Printer cartridge will damage if we refill the ink too full, but if we late to refill when cartridge have empty can cause damage too. The damage caused by refill ink too full is the cartridge head will saturated and will break down over time. The damage caused by late to refill ink will cause the cartridge head will over heat and will burn.
So, we must refill ink for our printer cartridge routinely but don't too full.

The next post is Special toner cartridge laser printer. I hope this post will help you so that your printer will long-lived, happy printing.

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First, make sure that there is always enough ink in your cartridge. These cartridges are sensitive and they should always be in good shape. You can monitor the ink capacity of each cartridge by looking at the label. There is usually a limit on how much ink is left in the container. This way, you can easily have it refilled or you can buy a new one.

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