Sunday, June 24, 2012

Repairing Aspire One Total Death

Aspire one matot.
Just now i have repaired Acer Aspire One Netbook total death. This action for professional technician only, but if anyone want to try and fall, so this is not my responsibility.
In this experience the voltage at main power source in vibrate ( check at main power IC / after main fuse ( PR )). The vibrate of voltage because any electronic component that short circuit to ground line. Before check any condition of around the mainboard you must check condition of main power IC ( 7403 ). Use AVO meter, if input and output is short circuit this mean that this IC have broken. Don't replace this IC before you find the cause of broken IC.
In this experience i found the small capacitor has leaked and short circuit. this capacitor at out of PL14. Check be carefully, Line out of PL14 are 4 capacitors connecting to ground line. Check one by one with AVO meter. If you not sure with capacitors condition, unplug the PL14 and try to replace main power IC that has broken and try to turn ON the netbook. If the netbook working so the broke is at line out of PL14, try to replace 4 capacitors simultaneously.

The netbook will working normally.
I hopee this post will help you
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