Thursday, May 10, 2012

Repairing Laptop can not charged

Repairing laptop can't charged indicated by no response when the charger plug into the laptop, but light indicator in the charger ON.
Two options to solve this problem :
1. Check the cable connecting between charger adapter to laptop. check voltage at end of this cable with AVO meter
2. If voltage of charger normal and the charger cable normal too, you must check fuse component inside of laptop, technicians only.. Do the following steps :

  • Open all chasing of laptop include keyboard
  • Look for cable socket in mainboard connecting between charger socket to motherboard/mainboard.
  • Look for electronics component which is close to these socket. This component indicated by F1, F2, F3  and so on. This is fuse as safety of power source.
  • If you found that the fuse have broken, replace with the new fuse and try to turn ON your laptop

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