Friday, May 18, 2012

Repairing Aspire 5315 Laptop Blurry LCD

Just now, i have repaired Laptop Acer aspire 5315 with blurry LCD screen. Before this job finished success i have done some job and fall.
First, i calibrate trimpot back of LCD ( open the LCD casing first ) but this action not success, LCD screen normal just for a minute and blurry again after that. And then i do the following steps.

1. Open the LCD casing
2. Look for trimpot / potensio meter / variable resistor back of LCD
3. Calibrate by turn it until almost normal ( calibrate and watch to LCD screen, the scree must be changed when you turn the trimpot )
4. Preparing new trimpot / variable resistor
5. The trimpot consist of 3 legs /pins. Choose the third leg and connect to ground via new trimpot a like the following sequence. Use small cable to connect it.
third leg of timpot installed --------- new trimpot ---------- ground.
6. Calibrate again the new trimpot have installed until the screen normal ( not blurry ), and success!!!.

Position of new trimpot can be placed a like the following picture.
Pict. 1. Posotion of New trimpot

I hope this post will help you. This steps can be applied to any similar laptop ( note : use trimpot to calibrate focus screen ). I have done this steps and success, please write on comment area if you still fail.
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