Friday, April 27, 2012

Solve error 5200 Canon IP2770 Printer

Just now i have solved error 5200 of Canon printer IP2770. Detail condition of this error :
- Printer condition is normal before printing progress began.
- Error appear just after printing progress began, indicated by blinking yellow and appear warning error 5200, see image bellow.

To solve this error we have done some jobs. Follow the following steps.
1. When the error appear unplug the electric power source so the printer OFF
2. Turn the cartridges (home cartridges) to the middle. Don't forget to press cartridge locker before turn it.
3. Release both cartridges
4. Leave cartridges cover open and turn ON the printer. You can see that cartridges will shift to the right and left, and finally in the middle.
5. Plug both cartridges, close the cover printer correctly and turn ON

I hope this post will help you