Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Canon MP258 Printer Black Cartridge Error

Just now, i have repaired the printer Canon MP258 with error that the black cartridge not normal. When printing all color appear normally but nothing appear for black.
Printing process is normal, but no black appear.
Sure, the error is the black cartridge. I release black cartridge and checked by tissue at head cartridge ( bottom of cartridge ) and my tissue still clean, this mean the ink not out, the ink have dried.
To solve this problem i have heating the water to soak the head cartridge ( remember! just head of cartridge ). I soak it for about 1 hour. And after that i remove all ink from cartridge using ink injection without needle until nothing out from cartridge.
And then i refill the ink, wait until ink flow down to the head of cartridge. Check with tissue, if you can see thick black line this mean that ink have out.
Try to replug the cartridge to the printer and turn on.
In this experience this steps working well.