Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Reset Canon IP1980 Printer

IP1980 Resetter
Just now, i have repaired the Printer Canon IP 1980. The error of this IP1980 is Blinking orange 1 time and green 1 time alternately until 7 times. This condition indicates that the IP1980 printer need to reset. And i do the following steps :

1. Unplug electric power cable
2. Press and hold the power button
3. Plug the electric power cable
4. Press the resume button twice
5. Release the power button
6. Wait until the green led not blink
7. Ensure that connection cable to computer installed correctly
8. Run IP1980 resetter (general tool), you can download IP1980 resetter with this link
9. If the steps above has been done correctly you can see device detected in 'USB Port' ( in general tool view )
10. Fill the printer with 3 or 4 papers
11. Select and check 'Cleaning' and 'EEPROM Clear'
12. Left click 1 time 'Test Pattern 1' and wait until printing, and then Test Pattern 2 and 3
13. Left click 1 time 'Main' and 'Platen' in Clear Waste Ink Counter option
14. Turn OFF the IP1980 printer. If you can't, unplug electric power cable and plug again
15. Turn ON the printer, wait until the green led not blink, and the printer working normally

Canon IP1980 Resetter can be downloaded with this link
IP1980 Resetter

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