Monday, March 19, 2012

Laptop not used for more than 1 week and dead

The laptop can be damaged by long-unused, i call this affect is condensation. Electronic components inside of laptop can damaged if the laptop place at not damp area.
I have repaired the laptop with this condition several days ago. This damaged indicate by total dead, if the power button pressed the power Led just blink 1 times and dead again. To solve this damaged i have done the following steps
1. Release Battery
2. Open the case, keyboard first
3. I checked condition of all electronics component, including chipset IC,
4. Ensure that no component moldy, affect of condensation
5. Release cmos battery and wait until about 30 minutes
6. If necessary, dry in the sun
7. Re-Assemble carefully
8. I try to turn ON the Laptop and success. Laptop working normally

Someday, if you not use your laptop for along time please to release the laptop battery and don't place the laptop at damp area.