Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Microsoft Office for Windows 98

This strange but real, just now i repaired the PC computer with Windows 98 for it's OS. The specification of this PC computer is :

Intel Pentium 2
Hardisk 10 GB
Onboard VGA
Desktop case type
Standart CDroom
Build up of HP Compaq Brand

The first condition is blank, no image appear in the monitor, not boot but all device working. The power Led is light, the power supply fan working, processor fan working too, but nothing in monitor. And then i clean the memory pin with pen eraser, and the PC computer working normally with Windows 98 OS but without Microsoft Office or similar software program. So i must install the Office program and i try to install Office 2003 software, but this incompatible with Windows 98, i search in google and i find the Office compatible with this OS. This is Office 2000. I have download with this link .
And now, i understand that Office program compatible with Windows 98 is Office 2000 or older.