Monday, August 2, 2010

repairing motherboard

The computer that used for along time will often damage. This because the electronic component on Motherboard in injury time condition. Death or almost dead, so high temperature of CPU will very is having an effect on this component.

To overcome this matter you must do some job :
1. Open The computer Case
2. Discharge all cable connection on motherboard
3. Take motherboard out
4. Clean up with paintbrush
5. Check all electrolytic capacitor ( EC )
6. If you see this EC not normally ( puffy, broke, have erupt, etc. ) you must replace it
7. Check all solder condition and repair if needed
8. Be sure that you have finished this job, as well as possible
9. Re-assembling motherboard on the case and try to turn ON your computer
10. Don't forget to check temperature

This an electrolytic capacitor :

and this is some example for the bad electrolytic capacitor :

You must replace it, if you see a like this

a hope this will help you...

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I heard a loud pop on my motherboard, a while back. Does that mean one of the capacitors have blown, lappie is sitting in the corner collecting dust

dust can damaging electronics component, clean immediately